Great YouTube series

A sample of the greatness:


Note, watch at LEAST 3:00 to 3:45, it’s brilliant.

Please, though, watch the whole thing.[/center]

I now have great fear for the future of the human race…

Word on the street is that it’s Opshon and his brother :confused:


Was that supposed to be a joke?

the first video was retarded. I think they should be on the show “Britian’s Got Retards”
n the lil white kid with all kinds of genetic fk ups should stfu n die D; he wasnt funny at all.

the kid won’t live long so he’s having fun on youtube. nothing wrong with that

Great YouTube series of Graal Reborn, those were the days.

I always found your voice funny.

i aslept in the first 15 seconds. great for therapy

Going to have to be more specific we have about three different videos on here now. lol.

You should have played 55765421 (I think)