Hey, just came upon your site when I was randomly looking for some nostalgia with a friend, and decided to say, well… Hi.

Nice going with making a gserver more advance than 1.39, I applaud that.

I assume none of you know who I am, or at least remember :stuck_out_tongue:
I used to be Co-Owner of Bravo Online before it started to suck (when Brandon ursurped it from me), and small time staff on Xone. Used to be decent friends with the owners of UN, Xone, and that one LordHelmut made as well.
Part of various guilds from Bravo (Bravo Hokuten, paused, some other ones I cannot remember) and such.

Keep up the good work guys.

edit: whoa, forum nick changed with game nick. Neat… but kinda mrr.

Re: Greetings

Hey Welcome man, your name seems pretty farmiliar. Bravo was a cool server.

Besides Hokuten is from final fantasy tactics, and anyone that likes that is a sexy bitch.

Re: Greetings

And to answer your in-game question; Yeah I'm Eye of the Beholder :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho, this is our little spaztic crew and I hope you have fun lol
Edit: The Emulator isn't perfect, and obviously not complete. But atleast the only 'Graal Politics' we get, are in the forum of DMCA's, which are also ill-founded and happen to be from a deranged french gnome.

Re: Greetings

[quote=*Beholder ]happen to be from a deranged french gnome.

what a surprise ::slight_smile: