GS1 Commands

Can anyone point me in the direction of a FULL command list? The command list it gives you doesn’t have every command available. I am new to this and I use the command list to figure stuff out but then I see people talking about commands that aren’t in the list? Is there a COMPLETE list anywhere?

No, there never has been, and never will be. The one included in the 2.2.2 pack is the closest to complete.

I had no idea that you could see into the future to know there never will be one. Would you mind telling me the year, day and time I will die. Also, can you tell me the next winning lotto numbers in the tri-state lottery?

according to deathclick, I will die Thursday, August 13, 2054

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Why don’t you just look at the fucking stickied thread?

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Want to know how I know there will never be a complete list? BECAUSE IN THE 12 YEARS OF GRAAL ONLINE’S EXISTENCE IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE.

That logic is flawed. We ALL die in 2012. :smiley:

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