He says a few weeks, but that could be months or years.

It’s enabled on Delteria, I know that. To be honest I think working on GS3 was rather pointless, stefan should update his dev tools.

I wonder if he will change the bytecode.

He’ll probably be forced to, based on the change in language structure. Personally I think GS2 would suit reborn fine. The whole point of a scripting language is to write higher level code without having to recompile and for non-programmers to be able to pick the language up relatively quickly. Adding things like static types to a scripting language isn’t really necessary if your implementation of the language is efficient enough.

Assume this is -allegedly- being implemented for the satisfaction of one single person.

Stefan himself?

I’m pretty sure it was mentioned on the graal forums that it is already being used on mobile. Trying to get some performance boost, but I still stand by the fact that javascript should just be used.

This kindof goes hand in hand with my point, Stefan wanted a way to improve the performance of mobile servers.

From a hypothetical perspective I would welcome this addition, but in reality there’s no more than a handful of decent coders still regularly active on Graal to actually utilize it, while for others it will be a cause of added confusion.

Graal doesn’t make nearly as much money as they probably pull from mobile. Especially considering the fact that the only way to get any money on graal is to literally slash bushes or buy money.

I’m not denying that, it’s just that despite the much higher customer base Graal has obtained as a result of mobile, the number of skilled coders is still in decline. Considering Graal is heavily reliant on amateur developers, I’d have thought (or at least hoped) Stefan would reduce pressure from himself by prioritizing a fairer payment system that encourages players to learn development and stick with it over a larger period of time. Such an environment has long been missing from Graal and arguably produced the last few decent coders still active today.

Alternatively it may be better to offer financial incentives to developers, and then Graal might be capable of attracting more people with existing programming knowledge who only need to adapt, but I imagine this is highly unlikely to happen.

Skyld stated that they were testing a V8 based npc-server, but the idea was scrapped for GS3 instead. lol

However GS3 was made like this so it could be easily ported to ActionScript, JavaScript, UnityScript, TypeScript according to this guy “Julien” on GO:

When you have a few thousand players you generally want to ensure some sort of quality, especially when you start charging people for every little thing. You want to maintain a “decent” name for your company, and you’re not going to let any random stranger script something that could possibly go wrong and negatively effect your income. Just think about how many bugs have been introduced throughout the years on graal, duping bugs, how many times has era had to rollback? People uploading secret scripts to give themselves an advantage and destroy an economy. Now i’m pretty sure the mobile servers have a staff but I don’t think any of them can actually put anything live without someones approval. Remember reading someone say that stefan overlooks any developing.

If I wandered off from what you were saying, my bad… but they don’t care about the state of graal online because they have igraal which is the point i was trying to make.

Did read the comment a few days back about using javascript, most likely the turnoff was having to rescript a lot of the systems, or two different javascript engines for the iphone / everything else (iphone doesn’t allow JIT compilations so no v8)

It’s a fair point, but again goes somewhat hand-in-hand with the supply of competent scripters in the first place, as well as longevity in the tenure of staff teams. The risks towards loss in quality of experience as a result of such exploits can also be compensated by increased quality of produced content.

Well any graal server that was popular usually had a stable player count between 80-120 players and most servers were overstaffed working on a million different projects at once so nothing ever was finished. Exploits were usually kept in secret until people start noticing an abundant amount of money circulating and in that case it’s probably too late to even contain. It’s usually best for a game where people work for free to make you money that you limit the amount of influence they have on your product and I don’t believe theirs enough money to go around (or if unixmad would ever consider paying staff especially because most of the staff are young and would work for free because it makes them feel powerful over the few thousand players)

Actually… when I worked on iEra I had pretty much full rights, so I could put something live(with no approval) straight away if I liked, and I did.