Gserver Release: Build 66a

Nalin got lazy and so I am going to announce this for him. Below is the URL of the download and changelog.

[quote]Build 66

New features/bug fixes in v2.171 build 66


  • Added support for .zelda version 1.04.
  • New server option: “oldcreated”. It defaults to false. If it is set
    to true, it uses the “if (created)” fix that allows servers with old
    clientside based NPCs (ie, levels designed for 1.39) to function
    better. When true, “if (created)” is called for each player when
    they visit the level. If false, it uses the normal style where
    “if (created)” is only called once: when the level is first loaded.
  • Added a new file, ServerHQ.txt. It is part of a new ServerHQ system
    where registered servers can change which tab they appear under in
    the server list. Unregistered servers can choose between level 1
    (Hosted) and level 0 (Hidden).
  • Added a new RC command: /updateserverhq. It re-sends the contents
    of ServerHQ.txt to the server list so you can alter which tab your
    server appears on.


  • Removed the server option “underconstruction”. Functionality has
    been moved to the new ServerHQ stuff.


  • Fixed bugs related to uploading files through the File Browser.
  • Fixed the “if (created)” problem everybody whines about. qq
    See Additions for more details.
  • The nagle algorithm is correctly disabled now. Linux servers should
    see smoother movement and less lag.

I am releasing a new bugfix build (build66a). If anybody is using the original download, please use this new one. Turns out one of the RC file upload bug fixes I back-ported from the new gserver didn’t work, which is awesome since it means I have to find a better solution to the problem with the new gserver. I just love it when new versions of the RC send packets ever so slightly different.

if(created){} just the way it should be you like it, Dangerless ;D

I know. A lot of crap works on AoF now without having to change so much crap. :smiley: