guess what

someone left an old eee pc at my house because they didn’t want it. so i put gentoo on it and gave it a custom kernel and it’s still a piece of shit.

When you put garbage like that on it, of course it would be.

how can you call gentoo garabage? the whole idea behind gentoo is for everything to be optimized for the computer it’s running on.

Yeah, but I think it would be smarter to run debian on a eeePC than gentoo.

I used to run FreeBSD on mine.

There is loads of docs for it too on the wiki (

Though yeah… not a powerhouse :wink:

It’s not that in particular, it’s that whole family of operating systems. “Garbage” wasn’t really the right word though. It’s more that I have no idea why any home user would ever want to use them.

Every gadget I own runs Linux. My router, cell phone, tv (probably), and two of my computers.

I like all operating systems now. I use to prefer Linux over Windows, but I’m at that point in my career where I don’t care what the hell I use as long as it can run eclipse or NetBeans so I can get my work done.

@cadavre, I use debian for servers and gentoo for desktops. Gentoo’s package manager doesn’t bloat up your system with old dependencies and whatever.

aptitude clean and so on.

I prefer Linux over windows any time. It works flawlessly for me. However, the biggest reason why I can’t use it full time is because I make music. There’s no decent DAW available for linux yet. Ubuntu Linux is suitable for most home users as it supports everything basic that these users need. Browser, Facebook, flash and office. :wink:

Windows has bloatware written all over it. In win 2008 server you couldn’t even flush out old update packages.

I could reverse your entire post and add to it, if there were any reason to do so. It’s just not worth the effort.

In the end, it’s all about what you prefer to use. I don’t force anyone to use Linux and I don’t judge people for installing windows/OSX on their computers.

i judge people who still use fortran

Found your problem!

Anyone who speaks ill of gentoo is not credible

also finding a job is hard. phone interviews are weird.