Guilds (Textual errors in UCP, local vs global)

This section is nonfunctional, as far as I can tell, and that’s OK, but I’m noting down ‘text errors’ anyway.

Introduction to Graal Guilds section

  • “Please note that only Graal subscribers can create or join guilds. Trial Members are not eligible for any Guild activity. For further details, please read the Rules & Regulations.” <- Enough said.
  • Regularly refers to itself as “the GraalOnline Website”

…Actually, I think that’s it.

Next, I had a thought… though it may be (and guessing from other features, probably is :P) impossible depending on how much is done by the client instead of the server. Is it possible to set it up so local and global guilds ‘look different’? For instance, local guilds might use [Tag] instead of (Tag), or such. I’m just thinking that it’d help prevent guild spoofing… but since all guilds on the Reborn system are local anyway, it doesn’t matter right now :stuck_out_tongue:

uhm… COOL?

That’s because the whole thing is from the graalonline site.

Yes, the server handles that, so you could change the source to do it your way. Although the client wouldn’t recognize it as a guild in the playerlist afaik. And scripts might not work either unless you make custom guild-scripts that looks for guild-tags with []. Idk, consult with Nalin about this.

A [Tag], isn’t an official guild. Consider it a “fake” guild tag.

I know that’s how it is /now/, Beholder. I’m just curious if that could be changed without major client hacks. Cadavre’s post sounds about like what I’d expect with the general behaviors as they stand.

Maybe we should use [ ] for global guilds, since they won’t be in scripts?

Yeah, we won’t.