Ha who keeps doing this



Doing what?

He’s probably talking about Nutsack Village.

Oh. It’s probably him.

Haha no not me

It’s not even funny. Why are you laughing?

It’s a little funny.

Says there was someone on there. Why didn’t you go on and see who it was?

Every time I would try to connect it would fail

They didn’t open the port they have it set to.

You’re right.

Or their ISP straight up blocks it…I know mine in PA does. It totally sucks man.

Or they have one of those Westell routers/modems. I have a sneaking suspicion That It’s That Thomas Guy. He Capitalized Each Word In Nutsack Village.

Most servers are capitalized, it’s Bomber Arena not Bomber arena. And no it was me lol.

I dunno who did AnalTown though.