Hacker problem, do you ban them?

Hello guys.

Looking at the server logs, it seems that somebody’s trying to hack my server, and I’m no expert but judging by the multiple “data corruption” log entries he may have succeeded, do you usually ban those people?

Here’s a link to the logs:

Should I revert any changes made in the past few days to the server files?

I dont care much if they edit their own attributes, but I don’t want them to ruin the server files for other players

Hack them back

make your server levels read only if you are really worried about it

Not really familiar enough with the Gserver to client packet interactions to know for sure, but this could just be innocent/random behavior that normally occurs with the Gserver, Graal client and interactions over the internet. ISPs and routers over the internet can get pretty shitty and weird stuff packetloss, malformed packets, ect… can happen most software and stuff just drops/ignores it and nothing happens unless it’s exploitable. Graal has always been such as shitty slapped together clusterf that anything can happen. Just have a backup of your server and account stuff, have things be read only and ban people you feel like. Look at the accounts related to this and check their IP, i personally block any ip ranges from europe, africa and asia such as 2..., 5..., 80..., 194... and dozens of other class A and B ranges as they very often are doing bad things and very rarely are actual normal users that mean no harm, this risks blocking a few innocent people, but they can always be whitelisted later on if they are truly important. I don’t run a graal server right now, but if anyone tried to “hack” me they would just end up messing with a pentium 4 thinkcentre running OS/2