Had to post this

So, me and Kondie, as some know, go to the same school. At the Spring Assembly, our Teachers, They… Well, Just watch this
Yes, our School :confused:
If you watch it, post what you think. XD.

I saw you, the kid huddled up behind the risers wearing pajamas.

Na, I was in the very front with Hakeem, never saw myself :confused:

Our teachers raised money for some organization and we got to throw marshmallows at them. Just sayin’

i think i saw Kondie at 0:01 on the second row of the riser to the right

our school owns three music tracks: i gotta feeling, gummy bear song and i will survive (they think we love the songs)

I was confused, and I had a retarded black kid behind me screaming the WHOLE time.

gay… that is all

go teachers!

Anybody who’s friends with someone named “Hakeem” is a loser. Period.