Hai what did I miss

So is Graal dead or is there still semblance of hope here.

There’s a few projects in the works:

plus a bit more here and there.

Tric pretty much covered it. Phoenix has used quite a lot of your images from CDA. We appreciate that gfx dump; they’ve not been made in vain. So, vicariously you’re very much apart of what’s currently going on around here.

I hope the tileset. That thing was a bitch. Anyways if you want a hand here or there I’d be happy, I love uniformity. No promises though lol. But I have that sprite design itch that Graal is good for. Would love to see a decent server up.

Welcome back shrimpie. Want costa de agua back?

I do! I really wish he finished that server.

Thanks Cadavre, good to see you’re still here.
Maybe though, at least access and rights anyway. I wouldn’t mind picking it up again but I just worry it would all be for nothing… Maybe I could go for some version of CDA lite because it never would have gotten done with the lofty plans I had. Also if I could get some help with it, I’m not as stubborn as I used to be lol. I realize now trying to do it all myself was bananas.

Plus being purely clientside scripting I don’t know how secure it really would have been should it actually developed a some kind of playerbase, and that can’t be good for any RPG. Please correct me if I’m wrong though, I’m no programmer. I mean I’d love to keep it like it is. But I’m guessing the safest bet is to go for something basic utilizing the already built in shit as Phoenix is doing?

Your rights are back! :slight_smile: (dunno why they were gone to begin with. :S)

Tricxta, you’re such a fucking suck up.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the few things of yours we aren’t using. We decided to go with pics1. Come to think of it, I don’t know anyone that is currently using your tileset, which is unfortunate because it is really nice. We are using your palm trees (abundantly), baddies, bobbers and fish for the most part, perhaps a CDA graphic or two here or there.

In that respect it’s not really uniform, but it still looks really good with pics1.

Tricxta and I are only novice pixel artists (if you can call us that), so naturally we still need a lot gfx done. We can get by on the little things, but we could certainly benefit from a talented hand. Although, I would expect you’d want to see Phoenix before agreeing to anything. If that is the case we’d be more than obliged to show you what we have and see if your interested in helping out.

All good lol. The tileset was made to be nothing more than a “pics1.png 2.0” anyways. Hence why it’s a mishmash of familiar cough tiles and custom tiles, and the palette wasn’t too far off. Sure though would love to see what it looks like.

Btw so do you like Ween or are you just a mollusk enthusiast

:o you’re the first person to know it was a Ween reference!

The band?

Was Shrimpie the stoner who put marijuana leaves everywhere?

That was Sublime.



No I was the one who put the crystal meth everywhere.