hal.dll (I think)

Anyone with Windows XP, is there an update in WU list that causes a crash and doesn’t make the computer work anymore? After I shut-down my computer, and rebooted, I was bought to a black screen claiming that hal.dll (I believe) was missing, and this .dll is for the drive of the computer. I don’t know if got fucked up due to an update from Window Updates or if my drive is faulty.

I had to use system restore so I could get my computer working again and the last thing I remember was that I updated the usual stuff by Windows Updates.

Happened to my Dad on Vista a few days ago, although nothing about Hal.dll ever came up. Faulty Windows Update and a non-bootable OS were the problems, though.

Yes happened to me on vista about a month ago. Had to system restore to fix. Nothing about that dll either but the screen would hang at ‘configuring updates 1 of 3’ forever. No way out of it but to system restore. I haven’t installed windows updates since _

I know about hal.dll I went do delete crap on my D drive using my command prompt to make it faster (del . /q /s) but I forgot to switch to D, so the prompt was still in system32 when it started to mass delete, needless to say, I needed to reinstall windows O.o (said same thing about Hal.dll apon boot attempt)


hal.dll happened to me when I had XP. I just recently got Windows 7 Ultimate. Best choice I ever made. ;] Well I can’t be certain about that, still a good choice!



hal.dll -> http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/pop.php?hal

I’ve always had hal.dll and still do. My XP after using Windows Update made it remove itself. I started to believe there was an update on the list that was meant for Vista.

Regardless, Microsoft claims it wasn’t their fault for the “black screen of death” :stuck_out_tongue:

When do they ever own up?


Btw search is broken, did a search for ‘hal’ and it gave back nothing.

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