Happy B-Day ...

Happy Bith-day Anniversary. :smiley:

Anyways! Happy Birthday Chicken.
Now you’re becoming an ol’ man. That’s a real shame. :smiley:

You turned 21, that just doesn’t sound good.

“He turned 21, so we had to throw him out.”

=/ so mean.

I got a gun for my birthday :smiley: 270 cal hunting rifle.

Nice :smiley:

Remember! This is your birth-day anniversary!

Happy birthday!

Anniversary! lol
Unless his mother was carrying him until today. :frowning: Which … eh … would be sort of uncomfortable.

Nevermind! lol

Chicken, you are suppose to give a speech about your life’s ups, and downs now. Start off with an early child hood story, and end it all with a life lesson. :smiley:

Happy brifday!

One time when I was young I burned my sisters ear by accident with steam from the jug. I learned that if you burn peoples ears with steam you will break wooden spoons with your ass.

I’m in the future so no longer is it my birthday. It ended about 46 minutes ago XD

That story was just! sort of depressing. xD
Anyways! lol
I never knew that! What about medal spoons?!
I think you are on to something. :smiley:

Your birth-day anniversary is still going where I’m at … in the past I think. :smiley:
I also got you a present!
The most brutal present of all!
[Spoiler=Be Prepared Chicken!]Nothing![/Spoiler]
Hope you loved it. :smiley:

Pansy. Last time I was hit with a wooden spoon across my ass, it snapped. :smiley:

Was there a nail impaled through the wood?


Try a switch (A lil’ branch), or paddle with holes drilled in it, now that hurts, and will bring out blood. lol

jug cord. never nice.

Spoons are kinky toys. Happy birthday.

Happy belated birthday, I baked your family into a cake!


You’re a day late … xD
Anyways … I baked my family into a cake, but it looked to good, so I ate it … my bad Chicken. :smiley:

[quote=RileyFiery;11347]You’re a day late … xD

I suppose you wouldn’t understand …

Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a day late … even if he said “belated” lol

He does not need to be reminded. :o

Perhaps a senior citizens area on the forums be setup for all us withered ol’ prunes.

… Ol’ fella

Yeah, someone help gramps out … also please keep reminding him that there are no kids on his lawn. :smiley: