Happy Fourth of July

I’m not an American, but goddamn I love America. It’s been 238 years of being fucking awesome and being a lot cooler than the other commie countries. In honor of this glorious day I’m posting one of the most American pictures I have saved on my HDD.

Happy America day! I bet everyone regrets the British making us pay taxes.

that man is an american hero god bless his soul

Afaik Canada is in america too.

Fuck you. No it’s not.

It is, and little actually cares for the citizens of united states of america to call their country america.
I don’t know about the rest of Canada but in Quebec we sometimes do the same (call USA america).
Call your country america all you want, but be aware everyone else in the world finds it peculiar.


Quebec is filled with separatist assholes, nobody in Canada likes Quebec hopefully it is removed from Canada soon.

I’m not convinced that Canada even exists.

I agree, sometimes it feels like Canada doesn’t take part in international stuff at all.

I just wish I lived in Sweden.

hahaha that’s a good one :smiley:

I wasn’t joking?

Am I not cool enough for you? Is that why you want to move?

Sweden doesn’t recognize air conditioning.

Sweden has too many immigrants shitting up the country, deport them and it’d be wonderful. I don’t hate immigrants or anything, but a lot of them are causing crime to go up like crazy (same happens in Canada with Asian immigrants creating gangs in Vancouver).

Sweden doesn’t need any AC as it’s cold as fuck most of the year and rarely above 20 degrees in the summer.

I don’t know what sources you have, but this is utter bull shit. The immigrants are a minority and they have such a hard time to get into the society as it is now because of politics that it’s a joke. They are not the #1 cause for crime, swedish citizens are.

Make them immigrants construct some AC units.

You’re the reason why we can’t have nice things… Oh, sorry, I meant to comment someone else.