Happy Fourth of July

Seriously though. Sleeping there sucked because it was daylight for 20 hrs every day and no AC.

That’s summertime for you. Other way around is 4 hours of daylight and cold as fuck outside. I’d rather not have AC as I love a warm environment. You’re just a little **** complaining about 20 degrees celcius. “Booh hooh. It’s too warm!”

Welcome to the land where we welcome the warm summer and shun people that dislike it. Move to the north pole if you can’t handle it.

No. I’ll just stay in America where I don’t have to deal with hippies like you.

The most ignorant place on the earth. Stay. By all means. We don’t want you.

Don’t become a bigot on my account.

I know there are sensible people in US, I know some of them. But the most loudmouthed people is the one you hear, and most of them spew bullshit out of all their holes.

Sweden is a bullshit country, I know. But AC is even more bullshit. It uses so too much energy just for the comfort of stupid people. Just deal with it you fucking yank.

You might not believe in global warming, but you should care about the air you breathe in. Where do you think all the emissions from coal plants go? They disappear? Like magic? :o AMAZING!!!11 And all the product made from nuclear power plants? Disappear into the ground? :o That’s definitely not going to be anyone’s problem soon, let us leave that for future generations to deal with. :awesome:

Call me hippy all you want. I don’t care.

Oh my god you actually are a hippy.

Congratulations! You are a person that likes to label people based on their opinions! You earn a gold star!

Does it make you feel better?

At least I listened to your opinions before labeling you

The newer coal plants aren’t actually that bad, they’re quite efficient. Probably does less permanent damage than constructing a hydroelectric dam.

Well, I don’t take offence, because hippy is not derogatory in Sweden (fortunately enough), unlike US.

It’s not really derogatory here either

Probably yes, but the point was that because so many people use high powered equipment they need to make more plants. If they didn’t there wouldn’t need to be.

Oh, really? Why is it almost explicitly used as a derogatory term then in media (tv, movies, etc)?

Well if you get your info about America from TV and movies then I guess I have no argument here.

Not only really. But what I’m saying is that if it’s not a derogatory term, why is it used as such in media?

Because it pisses you off

Not really, no. It just comes off as rather ignorant. “Let’s bulldoze the earth and build a large shopping mart with AC, because that’s the only sensible thing to do!”


Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Well in a perfect world every country would be a quasi-liberal post racial welfare state where roasted pigs hover in the air and all one has to do is jump in the air to grab them like it is in Sweden.