Happy Fourth of July

I’m not saying that the state of things here in Sweden is any better. But people have the power over themselves of what to do with their lives. I can not open other’s eyes, the other people needs to understand for themselves. And people in masses have the power to make changes in the world.

But if people are comfortable enough following Kim Kardashian on twitter in their AC controlled apartment, playing with their iPad while texting their friends on their iPhone, things will never happen.

This is something that happens in Sweden too, unfortunately.

The only part of that I can relate to is the AC controlled apartment, which I am grateful for.

All I own personally is a laptop computer and some clothes. I feel happy with what I have. :slight_smile:

It’d be wonderful if the world was filled with wonderful clean energy and people that didn’t spend all their money on materialistic things, but unfortunately it just isn’t that way in most countries. Currently one of the biggest sources of high paying jobs is the oil fields in Canada, and its really hard to care about the pollution it causes when it brings in so much money.

$_$ mo’ money, mo’ problems.

Woah. Marlon is all edgy in this thread.

I can’t believe I started a shitstorm simply by stating which country I want to move to

I want to move to Serbia :^)

Do Serbs enjoy AC?

well as long as people are occupied with the vexing problem that is what kim kardashian is having for lunch, the real problems are swept under the rug

yes and accordion music

I agree with the ac… can’t people just enjoy their summer. No, locked up with ac. Although on hot days in a place without windows it can come up to be important. But in your house, come on O_O; you’re just demanding to feel like it’s too hot outside with your continuous ac.

I’m allergic to pollen so its not the most fun to be outside on some days, but I’ve built up a lot of resistance over the years. It would be complete hell for me inside without proper AC on days where I can barely breathe do to gay pollen gaying up my lungs with its gayness.

I’m Australian. We have 40C summer days often. I don’t have AC, and I don’t really need it anyway.

We have this thing called the beach instead

i can’t even turn my ac on until 10pm to not skyrocket the electric bill so im outside for the majority of the time anyway

wtf u guys are fags you all go outside. I’ve only been outside for work and I haven’t gone to the beach once and don’t plan to.