Hat setting script request

Hell’o. I uploaded ton of hats to my RC. Im pretty sure that all the hats works. But how to set them to me? I’ve tried the command: sethat

a special weapon :smiley:

add this a weapon to yourself

if (playerenters)toweapons -hatset;
if (playerchats && isweapon && startswith(sethat,#c)){
  tokenize #c;
  setplayerprop #P1,#t(1);

Dont have too much fun.

Tricxta. your script didn’t work

it should. it looks right to me… ur doing it wrong i bet [mod edit ~ flaming content removed]

When i add it to me and when i press D, it don’ts open. [mod edit ~ flaming content removed]

lol its not coded to work like that, say :sethat then say the hat name you want to use.

sorry for the lack of documentation lol. :0 im as bad as stefan :frowning:

I can make you a hat cycle thing that runs off a player array if you give me a good description on how you want it to behave.

That would be pretty cool. Like the one from Xialza? ;o?

Oh thanks. but im wondering why hats like this ones are not working.
Check attached.

because there 32 bit pngs. To convert images from 32bit png to 8 bit I save it as a gif with alpha transparency(force some transparencies depending on the colours…) then run it through gif2mng.exe. Job done

Likely they are not 8-bit .PNGs. 8-bit .PNGs only please!

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Gifs are gey. For realz.

Seriously. Just use 8-bit PNGs.
Also, tricxta try the Return key for a line break, it helps make things look like less of a wall of text.

Oh. Thanks Tricxta. you’re awesome. I’m learning a lot. I wish one day i could be a pro =D

… I think we need a clean up, your confusing the O.P. :frowning:
P.s. resize your browser window ( NO WAY!!! IT NOW HAS LINE BREAKS!!!)

and I never said use gifs, I said save as a gif then run it through gif2mng which converts it to an 8-bit png.

This is the last post im doing on this particular format issue.

Can use 16 bit, too.

Fags. :3