Have to re-port forward

seems that every so often i have to keep re-port forwarding my server so people can log on…meaning i have to shut down the server, open up my router page, redo port forwarding and then people can log on. why does this happen?

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nobody can help me?

your local ip is most-likely changing.

Talked it over with Beholder, we have come to the conclusion that it will “mysteriously fix itself the way it broke itself”.

use static rather than dhcp on your pc

The weird thing is, it all checks out. The external IP is static, the port forwarding is set to the right computer/IP. All of the ports match up, the firewall isn’t cockblocking. And there’s no DSL Router involved. O_o

no my router isnt very advanced, its a netgear piece of shit

Mines a horrendously dated Linksys Wireless-B router.
Any configuration forces a connection reset and we’ve never had reliable support from the Wireless functions.

I’ve got a cheap $20 Belkin. I love it… I’ve got to reset it maybe once a month or sometimes even less so, but that’s about it. Provides great wireless(great speed through about 6 walls, albiet very cheap and thin), better than my Grandfather’s $50 Netgear that I bought him, that I can barely get a connection from in the same room. Way easy to configure, especially compared to the aformentioned Netgear one.

i have two routers in my house, one in the attic… one in the basement… i get wireless all arounddd my housee =). both routers are also higher-priced routers i believe. idr the model no’s… but i remember they had the highest wireless capabilities (distance wise)