Gay guys…mind if I sleep here tonight? :open_mouth:

hay is good mmm

Welcome Aeko.

:unixmad:I was going to say Glyde wasn’t here, but then Cadavre totally jumped out of the closet!!


I checked the email. It’s the same as on GO.

That avatar is creepy…

Fear it >:3

How do I know you? D:!

On another note, did someone change my status thing ? o_o…
and anything I can do to help the cause? I think this place has already graced themselves with my testbed server. x3

My old Deviant Art icon, untouched since… Christ, 5 years ago?

lol, you will find lots of random things happen here!

You never know.

It accidentally changed at the same time your “joined date” changed.

You could make a sexy server or help us shake away the horrid anti-graal/unixmad stamp we’ve gotten. ;/ But you already help us with that by joining.

We have a bunch of GO people here already.

We have active GraalOnlians:

  • Dus… Shiny (whoops, almost slipped there)
  • Spooon a.k.a Skyzer Zolderon a.k.a ff7chocoboknight
  • ffcmike
  • Myself (Obviously under another name)


  • Tifa
  • Agret
  • Beholder
  • Nalin



I was a nobody that played it in middleschool and googled it forever later now that I’m a dropout.

Nice to meet you.

That’s me

Creepy to know.

image poasting fail

lern 2 “poast”

in before soft delete

Why, do you love me?
If so, should join my fanclub: http://forums.graal.in/forums/group.php?groupid=8

oh, well I guess I’ll talk to Agret about that.

I love everyone honestly.
But how well do you know me? >:U