Heads and Bodies

Alright, i know this has been asked plenty of times. But frankly i couldn’t figure it out on my own. Excuses for that. The other topics didn’t help me much either.

There’s some heads and bodies we want to use but either they don’t show up or they are invisable.

I’ve heard answers like: “The body needs to be 8 bit!”
even though some are saved as .gif and still refuse to work.
I also heard something about palletts or something like that.
I know it has to do something with the colour and it has to be limited.
I’d like a tutorial on how to fix heads and bodies so they do work. Can someone please explain this?

Heads should work if they are 8bit.

Bodies have a special pallette.

Bodies work under a specific palette
They should be 8-bit with an indexed (non optimized) palette.
Look at body.png to see what indexes match up with what bodypart (skin/belt/coat/sleeves/shoes/transparency). Remember it’s the index that matters, not the color.

I have also answered this several times o_o

Gifs are automatically 8bit, and for the love of fuck do not use MS Paint to save your images.
Look in the god damn tutorial section!

They either don’t show up or are invisible sometimes because people haven’t uploaded it to the server.

But, if you are making bodies and heads then go with what Beholder said.

Yeah, once again. I do not understand completly. I have searched the tutorial section. But what i’m talking about is,
I got a body, which i want to use. I did not make this myself.
Yet, when i set the body (.gif) it will not work.
I have tried using gimp, paint.net, paintshop pro and photoshop.

Yes, i’m retarted.

But, could somone make the body work:

And while doing so, make screenshots of the steps which i have to follow?

I’m sorry to trouble all of you but i’ve been looking for it for ages.
Beholder, you tried explaining it to me but i still don’t get anything from it.
I’m sorry.

Did you not read what I wrote? I said, they might not have uploaded it to the server, so you may not be able to use it. Nothing is wrong with it. D:

It’s on my own server. And i uploaded it.

That body looks too small.

Anything i can do about that? To still make it work. Because, if that’s the case. All the bodies i wish to use are to small.

It LOOKS small, but matches perfectly in size with body13.png

What program are you editing with?

I have no idea what the person made the body in. But i’ve been trying to mess with the details to make it work. yet, failed.

Is this for online or offline?

online. It’s for my server Icarnia, which is currently on staff only.

Follow the link and it’ll all be ok.


Tried that. Didn’t work.
I found the tutorial earlier but it still didn’t work.

Are the bodies uploaded?

Yep, the body is uploaded.

Do any bodies work? Like body.png or body3.png.

Yes, the basic bodies (body1.png etc.) work. So do some other bodies which i uploaded but the majority of my uploaded bodies don’t work.