Hello everyone, old Graal player here

I used to play Graal back in the good old days a long time ago, and I LOVED the game, but when I tried to get back into recently and read up on how you’re only allowed to play it for 5 hours a MONTH, I was disgusted.

Then I stumble across this site, and I’m very excited to get back into Graal again :3

Welcome to Graal Reborn

Lol, it’s sooo not worth it. All the servers are practically dead. It’s sad that anyone still pays for it. Definitely not like it used to be but that’s pretty obvious, XD.

Lifetime Classic account ftw

I gots me one! :unixmad:

GIMME LIFETIME dag nabit. I wanna cause chaos with proxies and haxors…I wonder if low orbit ion cannon would work on their listserver…