Hello guys

Ya i just started using the forums :confused: the reason why i never used it before befoer was because i thought no one actually used it. I thought if i had a question there would alwasy be someone online to ask but i noticed sooner that people arent as frequently online in the game then the forums. So here i am and hello to you all :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums Sora!
And please stop asking me to give you 100,000 rupees on Noddess xD

Welcome to the forums sora


か・め・O・め・!! …Oh wait, it’s Sora. Hi there! (°u°)



Another noob.

another LAT

Lol, np benjiro ill stop asking you for 100k i was just bored anyways XD. Also spooon I suggest you dont share whats on your mind cause thats what starts useless arguements. Act like a forum moderator.

lol yeah spooon. just calm down already.

lol yeah spooon, just act like a forum moderator spooon

Pfft. Try telling me how to act again.

act like a monkey


bby I’m being sarcastic, if you acted any other way i would h8 u

way to tell it, furry gllt black jesus.

i’m not black

i’m white

part native american, cherokee tribe

part french

part irish

part austrian

there is nothing black about me except stereotypically

i actually eat and love fried chicken and waffles

if you don’t like that, fuck you there is something wrong with you son

but I am furry jesus good job

also everyone you know you can call me by my first name Jeshua right?

or gllt

both are fine

No one ever call gllt, Jeshua it takes too much more time to type.

Jeshua Vaughn Gollott










aliases exposed!!!

How on earth did an introduction to my self end up becoming a spam/hate fest O.O man i have alot to learn on graal reborn i guess XD