Hello spooon onijustin dylan and hosler

So many people online, so little discussion happening.

im jesus lol

Chicken missed the party

wb dylan


fk off

I’m a NEET, so I’m always here always checking up. Whatcha guys want to talk about?

If i bought an island would yall come visit me on it

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guys we should start the community server back up again, it was great



No for the island, I would think about it but it’s most likely it would never happen.

Community server was nice but I have life goals now that are not compatible with producing game content for hours for a small player base.

Oh and btw I start working part time Tuesday. My first job in the last 6 years.

since when is graal anyones life goal

Well it can be compatible with one’s life goals such as for someone who wants to understand better how a game is made or practice programmation.

Someone may also be into “leisure time” and spend it making things for Graal. Which is nice. We need more people like that.

I say yes, but I’m awfully lazy.

ill send my private jet

I would., but it would have to be a pretty spectacular island and jet.