Hi, I’ve appreciated all the news ShonencGamez’s have given me along with everyone else. I have been a follower of the site for a few months and I’m really glad I found the place. I already explored around the forum for a bit and the people here seems nice,

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hey! welcome, do enjoy your stay.

that raccoon looks spooky

Dead community

We live forever

Welcome. Hope you enjoy your time here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m 70% sure this is a bot. Why else does his signature & avatar reference a machinery lubricant?

Lol didnt even notice

good marketing tactics, let’s get some bot to post about our product on a forum frequented by neckbeards

I’m on it

The reason for spambot posts like this is not to market to the actual people on the forums.

It is because links show up in the SERP of search engines and increases their ranking.

Best to just delete this thread, the user and ban the IP range ASAP.

ASAP because they’re obviously a threat

I’m reporting CNC lubricant to the NSA, good luck tracing it to me though, I’m hiding behind 7 proxies