Time for a roll call. Hosler checking in.


alles klar genossen, reporting in




I was once the absolute madman known as Viper, but Behold! I have become GOATSE, stretcher of worlds.


Im here but I’m not here


I’m always here. I check her multiple times a day, I’ll be here until this place is gone for good.


Still around.
Pretty much left PWA when I realised no one would help me fix the self deleting boomerang npcw and would rather make fun of it.

Also, I’m getting back up and running so: life…




lol dude it isn’t hard to make shit that worked, we didn’t even ask for quests or weapons lmao


another chapter in the antago insanity, I like it

you know I have his address, so if you want to track down stephane or something just hmu




Life in factory sucks, please save me. It’s “temporary”, but I doubt they’re not going to let me leave. :’( Also I get first world Internet any month now, probably?


I didn’t ask for you to exist and yet you do.
That mentality is the best answer inept people can come up with.

By all means, keep it. I hope it’ll be a good enough signal to everyone that you’re really a piece of shit.


and as you said, it isn’t hard to make shit work. Shit like what you can do at your level.

Good things take more work and definitely not work the first time around; whatever you twit can think.

You’re why my interest here declined so much.
Enjoy your ego inflated internet penis.


I’m still lurking as well. Just lurking, though. No work being done.


Yeah nice ad-hominem but the same logic doesn’t apply. We actually had some sort of idea for the community server, it was meant to be mini-game based on have polished content that could be played over and over again to encourage players to frequent the server. Tricxta’s stuff was good example of that, he made many good things in a short amount of time. My stuff not so much, since I expanded the overworld too much and make it feel a little too decentralized.
Also, just because I’m critical of low-quality things you make, I’m not a piece of shit. It’s just that unlike you I’m not complacent and I actually am willing to voice my opinion. Want to prove you’re capable of making good stuff that works? Then make good stuff that works and disprove me, or stay the same and continue to blame me.
Another point, if my level of doing things is below yours, why do you struggle to make levels of your own?


Dylan is on the speech and debate team im sure


of course. PM me if it’s true.


neither of those exist at my school but I’m sure if they did there would be enough autistic spergs in them to make me not join


I’m way too much of a pussy to kill myself so I’m still around.

Haven’t had much time to work on my game, between work and crippling edgelord depression, but likely going to get back to it very soon.