Hello :)

Getting tired of the horrible administration/forum moderation at the main forums so I quit Graal even though I still enjoy making graphics/levels/scripts, so I thought I’d try out here as a creative outlet.

Well, I admit it does work well as a creative outlet. You can enjoy the horrible administration and forum moderation here! (Ie: you won’t be bothered unless you spam in a post, in which case your post will receive a silent delete.)

And since this seems to make some people happy:
There are no “globals”. That means you wont see any strange people popping in on your RC bitching about how you’re using graphics from ‘Final Fantasy’ or something. XD

In otherwords, Welcome.

I think it’s the freedom I’ll enjoy the most here.

Mmm, yeah, hello and all of that gooey stuff.

Welcome to our forums. I hope you’ll enjoy our software and I hope you’ll stick around. :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you >:V

Just for you, i’ll delete posts of yours going to outside links. It’ll be a taste of the old times :wink:

Heh >: (

Don’t forget the part where all posts are moderated before being viewable :open_mouth:

[Hell, even North Korea and China’s National Firewalls aren’t that totalitarian.]

ahaha, don’t forget the part where we ban/delete your account simply because we just don’t like you.

Joey I heard rumours you smell funny, I think this is grounds for a permaban.

It’s pretty damn bad over there. You can’t post anything even SLIGHTLY off-topic or it gets deleted(or on-topic, for that matter if they don’t like it, as they’ll use that as the excuse). No youtube videos, no links, no pictures with liquor in it. You’re not even allowed to talk about homosexuality, heh. If you don’t like it, you can ‘appeal’, which usually ends up like so:

[quote=“Darlene”]I’m not going to play your games, so just stop.
You are an adult (supposedly), maybe you should act like one.[/quote]

But enough about them! Nice to see some familiar faces around here :slight_smile:

I’m a pretty shitty moderator but I’ll make some attempts at cutting down spam. Welcome to Graal Reborn.

Spam is the only beef I have around here as I am supposedly the only one that deals and takes care of it.

We have a dude on here who talks about bestiality. wonder where Dontar is ?>_<?

Homosexuality is welcome, as well as lesbians our doors our open OoOoO Bisexuals and its are welcome as well as well as he/shes’ tranny’s etc… =P

Ooo I was assigned a title. I don’t know what the meaning is behind it(though I do know what it translates to!), though.

Meh, I don’t know who set it but consider it more meaningful than the average users title :stuck_out_tongue:

the average users title has power, as it will soon be the minority
and ill be a community organizer
and the next thing you know

anyway, dude you seem cool to me >:V
I like any new stuff around, so stuff around stuff!

My member is bigger than your member.