Hey guys. Damn it has Been along time since i thought about Graal, and could not log into my old account to post anything on the forums. LOL wasn’t gonna pay to sub an account just to say HI! /wave

Anyhow, lots of you probably don’t remember who I am but I was one of the GM’s back 2001. Graal was pretty much my first game. Was a big Zelda fan and found Zelda Online, lol before the name change. Played mostly during BETA and then when Graal Gold came out around 2000-01 ish , I was voted a GM (Graal Chief of police) for Gold server.

Just wanted to say hello to all my old buddies from EoM and SM.

Lord Rooks
It has been so long guys and there are tons of people. But anyhow just stopping by to say hello and bring back some old memories.

BTW if anyone wants to know what games im into now. I play Star Wars Galaxies for the most part.

Eclipse server - DarkPharoh Elder Jedi/ Master Bounty Hunter

Chimaera server- DarkOnez -Medi- Master Medic

Waiting for the new SWTOR game to come out, that should be a good one. Hope to see some of you guys there. And yea DMX is a major Star wars nut lulz .
Merry Christmas Graal!

Mafukie is the only person on that list that has played on here. Although, he hasn’t been on for about two years.

Im guessing this is some kind of a server. Well those are just a few people that I mentioned from Old Zelda online , or mostly graal when it was in beta testing. Lots of people quit the game when they made it pay 2 play.

Holy christ it’s DarkManX the super-oldbie.
Remember LEET PEETE!? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: What was the story behind that?

The name does sound awefully familiar.
Like I said it has been a very long time. last played graal in 2001 and the last time i posted on the SM forums was back in 03-04 i believe.

I quit while I was the Graal Gold Police Chief. Just too much in game drama coming from a small crowd of some of the GM’s that were working on my crew.

My brother X-Mann probably would remember you alot better than I would since he has been consistantly on the Graal Forums and playing on and off for the past 11 years or so.