Help developing levels

I was wondering if you could use different tilesets in the graal editor? I really wanna use my custom tiles but I don’t know how to import them so that they can be used… Thanks.

addtiledef image,levelstart,type;		specifys the tiles images for all levels that start with 'levelstart' (0-standard type,1-new order)
addtiledef2 image,levelstart,x,y;		replaces parts of the tiles image

You need to use one of those commands in an NPC. addtiledef replaces the whole entire tileset. addtiledef2 lets you replace individual tiles.

Make an NPC like this:

if (created || playerenters) {
  addtiledef mytiles.png,mylevels_,0;

That will use mytiles.png for any level that starts with mylevels_
Put that NPC in your level and play the level. Your tileset will now be changed.

Thanks! That was a FAST reply! :slight_smile: I’m going to be getting right to work on my levels now.

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Alright, I’m making custom tilesets over the type 1 template, and I was wondering what the color is used for transparancy, and where do you put tiles that can be walked behind?

The graal tileset is not that advanced. There’s blocking tiles, non blocking and seat/bed tiles and other ones. You will have to make do with using NPC images to give the tileset illusion of layers.

Alright, thanks.

Ok, so my custom tilesets randomly stopped working… I haven’t move the tile.pngs, and i haven’t modded the npcs that load the tilesets… >< any idea why this might be happening?

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Nevermind, guess I just screwed something up. Can anybody recommend a program for moving tiles? Like, what I’m trying to do is move tiles from one game to graal, but i have to do it via copy and pasting the tiles from the source to my graal tilesheet, but this is very time consuming and i have to line up the 16x16 squares perfectly… it’s tedious.

Welcome to graal level editing. Learn to love it or gtfo. :bang:

Roflmao! xDD I’m fine making slow progress I guess… but is there a reason the tilesheets keep randomly failing to load and appearing black? >< I’ll update the sheet and restart graal editor every now and then and then even the sheets I wasn’t using won’t load.

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Figured it out! It seems to happen (now, at least) when I tell windows to open the .nw files with the level editor. When I do that, it never loads the tilesheet and has a blank one. It didn’t do that earlier, but owell.

put removetiledefs; before the addtiledefs

Thanks a bunch! Now I can just open them directly… =D