Help im a noob to this

Hello i was just wondering how to play on servers that other people have made i dont want to create a server and i also wondered how to set up an RC account thank you.

Do you not see the ‘Notice’ on the top of the forums?

Also, on the website click on Downloads for the client.

Don’t know why you deleted your post…?

You practically summed it up while i were still typing.

But you gave him the links.

But he would be able to figure it out himself since he found the forums.
I probably could’ve editted it to make it more like my usual posts.

Im still confused i just want to play a game where i can pwn everyone with my mysticle powers

Just click the usercp button on top of this page in the notice, or the link in this post.
also get the client at the general release section of this forum.

user cp:
general releases:

Don’t expect to pwn many people with ‘mystical powers’ though.
v-Also, what he said.-v

In the UserCP, there is a section called ‘Manage Graal Account’ under it, click on ‘Add/Change Password’.

Great thanks for the help i also wondered wht does RC do and how do i set it up to use it or if i can use it on servers cause when i try to connect it says no privledges

Rc is a tool which allows you to tell your server what to do. To find out the commands simply type /help into the rc chat.
Rc allows you to upload work and change other players attributes/rights/mind(o.0)

i think he lacks the understanding that you have to be given rights to log onto a server cause he said he doesn’t want to make a server, he wants to play on other people’s servers .

@ Dicewinner - server owners have to set rights for your account to connect an RC to their server .

Otherwise this game would be chaos lmao. Everyone stealing everyones things. Everyone deleting everyones levels. Etc, hahha.

Reminds me of Skittlezplayground :whatever:

I could turn anima into a “playground” server (keeping the main world “seperate” with the rest to keep it from being deleted by n00bs)

if its fun I will play it

You mean like UN without the last part?

can anyone give me RC rights??

talk to beastk, he needs some help on detailing his overworld if your up to it

You could set specific default RC rights in the defaultaccount.txt if you wanted.