Help it has been 10 years since I played


I played graal about 10 years ago when it was free to play and I have some questions before I pay for the game because the iPhone version resparked my interest. I played this at age 16 and now I’m 26 and want to play graal again. Now that I’m an adult I can actually pay for the game, Lol

I’m sorry for sounding like a newbie but I can’t find clear cut answers.

  1. Do we still have normal servers with vast amount of content and quests?
  2. Can we still make and develop player worlds to submit to be played online?
  3. Do we still have all the heads, bodies, swords, shields, etc that we used to have? ( if we do where in the world do i find the codes; like set body colors etc )
    4)Can we still submit our own graphics such as heads, swords, shields, bodies, etc for use in the game; and everyone can see my graphic and use it?

I might have more questions later. Plz help me. I really want to play again but I cannot test all those features with the trial version and I can’t afford to waste $35 if the game is not the same or close to the same.

Although I would probably get it if I could still make player worlds and graphics.

It is funny actually. Graal sparked my interest in computer graphics and art. I ended up taking a lot of art classes at a community college (found out I was gifted) and later got into the 4th rated school for graphic design!!! (VCU) Thanks Graal you changed my life more then you could ever know!

Oh and I have questions on the iphone version I forgot about.

Will quests and content like that be added? Player housing is nice but I want those quests and those insane mazes that took 3 yours to do just to get to the chest with the heart piece in it.

Again Thank you and please help.

Sis, this game is free. It runs exactly like Graal did before, and you can make your own playerworld and graphics.

I believe he would like to play it on his iPhone?

In which case, only official graal will be possible (which costs)

However Araushnee, if you would like to play this game on a PC, then by connecting to graal reborns servers and using their client, you can play for free!

Also if you have a passion for artwork / pixel art, Graal reborn could really do with having you as a member!


I’m Female.

But I was looking at Graal and it said I had to pay at least $35 and I only had 5 hrs of trial time. I am confused now. Am I in the wrong graal forums, because the pay to play one had forums that I could not access due to not being premium?

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What I meant was there another graal?

I’m thinking of the old Graal Classic?

The Iphone version has nothing to do so far. I just want to know where I can get commands for shields etc, or download the files. I just cannot find the files because they are either gone on the links or they are corrupt files.


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I did pay for the Iphone upgrade. Money is not an issue so long as the game is as good or better then it was 10 years ago.

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I was also hoping for an answer to each question to avoid confusion.


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Oh sorry I keep thinking of things.

Also in the trial version I did not have full abilities to customized my character (Graal Reborn)

These forums are hosted by a seperate team of people who want to keep graal free.
For that reason, they have their own servers and own client.
You can customize / do anything you want here and it is free. (Graal Official)

These are the official forms, support the iphone version etc… BUT you have to pay for an account etc…

These are not the official Graal forums, no. The official forums are at These are the Graal Reborn forums.

Graal Reborn is a custom gserver project. We have reverse engineered Graal’s network protocol and have written our own server software that lets us host our own servers, for free. Our gserver is open source and currently works with the version 1.41 client to the version 2.22 client. We have also written our own custom serverlist software.

Graal Online is not free. It costs around $4.40 per month, and you can only purchase 8 month chunks. AFAIK, you need to have purchased Graal before you can post on their forums. I know, it sucks. But many people here are very knowledgeable about official Graal, so I am sure we could answer your questions.

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I’ll answer some of your questions to the best of my ability.

Official Graal has tons of servers, yes. Here is a list of all the servers on official Graal.
Graal Reborn has a lot of servers, but all of them are in some state of development. None are very complete, except for a few of the mini-game servers. Here is a list of the servers on Graal Reborn.

For official Graal, sorta. You have to purchase a playerworld from them, and that costs a lot of money. It costs around $71.35 for 6 months, and $115.04 for 1 year of hosting (all of their prices are in euros, so I am using Google to convert.)
For Graal Reborn, it is free. You just need to download our server software and run it on a computer, or get someone else to host it for you. Official Graal has an npc-server and uses a new version of the scripting language. We don’t have an npc-server and use the old version of the scripting language.

Official Graal still has all of the heads, bodies, swords, shields, etc. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, they have removed the page where you could search the list of all available images.
Graal Reborn doesn’t have any of them on its serverlist, as Cyberjoueurs claims ownership of them. If you want the old images, you have to find them (Agret’s Ultimate Graal DVD is a good place to search) and put them on your server, or convince somebody else to put it on their server.

For official Graal, I think you can. I am not sure, though.
For Graal Reborn, as long as it is original, we will put it in our global file directory so you can use it on any server (that allows global files.)

Oh Wow, I didn’t know they did a free version. That is cool.
I’ll let you know if I have further questions.


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Is there a link to post user made graphics? Maybe I am blind, but I can’t find it.

They didn’t make a free version. This is just a group of people that broke away from the official game because it became pay-to-play.

Just talk to me or Nalin in a private message and we’ll upload the user made graphics. If you just want to show your user made graphics, post a thread here:

Yeah. We are a private server group and in no way affiliated with Cyberjoueurs (the company that owns Graal.) If you do ever pay for official Graal Online, it would be best not to mention us. They will probably ban you just for having mentioned the name. The people in charge aren’t very nice and have tried multiple times to force us to close down. Just be careful what you say around them.

I still have quite a lot of heads (23,287)/shields(3180)/swords(2441)/bodies(2288) but I need a new place to upload since my last place got shut down due to DDoS attacks against the webhost.

Hmm, have you at all come across the following in your travels…?

(head & bodies)

Super Mario
Tux (Linux Mascot)
BSD Daemon (4.4BSD-Lite Mascot)
… Nintendo Characters
… Quake Characters

Would be really handy for zelda III arena. :slight_smile:

Yoshi is one of the default heads. Well, until they removed it.

This thread made me giggle… xD

Graal Reborn = Awesome and has nothing to with OGraal

OGraal = Not so awesome and has everything to do with itself…

owow, the only thing i have over 1,000 is heads. everything else is below 700.

also, are you counting the various heads/bodies/shields/swords found inside the downloads folder? there are many in there too.

I just reset my PC, I’ve got like… What 4 heads? :confused: