Help link levels

Well i’ve made levels but i dont know how to make it into a big level. like i used the warp tool and used it on my other levels so it would connect but it didnt work can u please tell me how to connect them.

Tsk, tsk.

You should of created a big map first and then made your levels. No worries though.
Use this nifty little tool: This will link your levels up for you.

Set your prefix as something like “world” or whatever. The height is how many levels tall your map will be and width is how many levels wide.
So, if the height is 10 and width is 10 would give you a map which is 10x10 or 100 levels. Set the center to whatever you want the center to be.

Hit “Generate!”, download your world and fill it with content! Viola!

i now how to link then im talking about connecting them up meaning i dont want it to warp in want it to walk over it and make a big huge level with out having warping like lets say im playing Era im just walking everywhere on there map and i dont warp its all connected.

Then I think what you are asking for is an NPC-server. Which we, here on Graal Reborn, don’t have.

nah. he just wants levels to connect, which GR can handle.

setmap imgname,levelnamesfile,x,y;
setminimap imgname,levelnamesfile,x,y;

levelnamesfile should be a TXT file with the levels listed in it as an array.


x and y is the position where you want the head icons of players to show when they are not on the map. 0,0 or just leaving them blank is common.

You can create the map image by pressing M in the level editor after the map is loaded.