Help me :( My Server

Ok so… Im trying to get my friend to play with me, he can log into other peoples servers and stuff, but when he tries to connect to mine it says
“Connection cannot be established”

Heres my serveroptions.txt

[CODE]# Specifies where players go when they say “unstick me”.
unstickmelevel = onlinestartlocal.nw
unstickmex = 30
unstickmey = 30.5

Players in these levels can’t warp out nor can they PM other players.

jaillevels = police2.graal,police4.graal

Enable/disable explosions.

noexplosions = false

Enable/disable the ability of the player to change their look.

setbodyallowed = true
setheadallowed = true
setshieldallowed = true
setswordallowed = true
setcolorsallowed = true

Defines the amount of Gralats a player drops with they die.

mindeathgralats = 1
maxdeathgralats = 50

If set to false, only players with the Change Staff Accounts right can alter gralats.

normaladminscanchangegralats = true

These guilds appear in the “Staff” section of the player list.

staffguilds = Server,Manager,Owner,Admin,FAQ,LAT,NAT,GAT,GP,GP Chief,Bugs Admin,NPC Admin,Gani Team,GFX Admin,Events Team,Events Admin,Guild Admin

Accounts which are recognized by the server as staff. To be allowed access to RC, your account must be here.

(Manager) and the like are just placeholders to organize the list. They are not guilds.

staff = (Manager),YOURACCOUNT

Enables/disables item dropping from various sources.

bushitems also affects certain tiles other than bushes.

tiledroprate affects bushitems only.

If making a 1.41 server, set bushitems, vasesdrop, and baddyitems to false as the 1.41 client generates items.

bushitems = true
vasesdrop = true
baddyitems = false
dropitemsdead = true
tiledroprate = 50

If enabled, it will allow negative power swords which will heal players when used.

healswords = false

Timeout in seconds for respawning objects.

respawntime affects tile changes.

respawntime = 15
horselifetime = 30
baddyrespawntime = 60

Allows any player to use the warpto command.

warptoforall = true

Alters the possible status options in the player list.

playerlisticons = Online,Away,DND,Eating,Hiding,No PMs,RPing,Sparring,PKing

Selects what is displayed in the player’s profile.

Name:=variable, where variable can also be a flag on the player’s account.

profilevars = Kills:=playerkills,Deaths:=playerdeaths,Maxpower:=playerfullhearts,Rating:=playerrating,Alignment:=playerap,Gralat:=playerrupees,Swordpower:=playerswordpower,Spin Attack:=canspin

Global guild settings.

If globalguilds is true, global guilds are allowed. If false, allowedglobalguilds specifies which guilds are allowed.

globalguilds = true
allowedglobalguilds =

AP system settings.

If apsystem is set to true, it activates some restrictions regarding hearts for low AP players.

For the aptime# options, the values are the time in seconds it takes to recharge one point of AP for the given range.

aptime4 is used for AP values between 80 and 100. aptime 3 for 60 through 80. And so on until 0 is between 0 and 20.

apsystem = true
aptime0 = 30
aptime1 = 90
aptime2 = 300
aptime3 = 600
aptime4 = 1200

Defines limits to hearts, swords, and shields.

heartlimit = 3
swordlimit = 3
shieldlimit = 3

Enables or disables the putnpc script command.

putnpcenabled = true

If true, disable the ability.

dontchangekills = false

Flag options.

If dontaddserverflags is true, any server. flag changes sent by the client are rejected.

If cropflags is true, any client and server flags will be cropped to 223 characters.

The flag name and equal sign are INCLUSIVE!

It is recommended to not turn this off unless you know the repercussions of doing so.

dontaddserverflags = false
cropflags = true

If true, idle players are removed after maxnomovement seconds.

disconnectifnotmoved = true
maxnomovement = 1200

If true, moved push/pull blocks aren’t sent to other players.

clientsidepushpull = true

If false, it will prevent the player from obtaining items like bomb, bow, superbomb, etc.

defaultweapons = true

List of bigmap.txt type maps used by the server. It lets the server know the level layout

so you can see players move and talk in adjacent levels.

maps =

List of gmaps to be used by the server.

gmaps =

List of group instanced maps used by the server.

Use full filenames, even for gmaps.

groupmaps =

The head used by RCs on the server.

staffhead = head25.png

Sets the bigmap and minimap to use.

Setting bigmap will break gmaps.

bigmap = maptext,mapimage,defaultx,defaulty

minimap = maptext,mapimage,defaultx,defaulty

maptext is the bigmap.txt styled file with the levels.

mapimage is the image to use

defaultx and defaulty is the position where the heads of players not on the map will be drawn.

bigmap =
minimap =


— Private server options. The changestaffacct right is required to alter these. —


The server details seen from the server list.

description = sda
url =

The information of the computer hosting the gserver. This gets sent to people wanting to connect.

If myip is set to AUTO, it uses the IP address exposed to the list server.

serverip = AUTO
serverport = 14802

The local IP address of the computer. Helps you connect to your server if your router can’t route on

its WAN-side IP address. Leave it as AUTO unless you know what you are doing.

If you have a Linux server, you will want to change this, though.

localip = AUTO

Specifies the location of the list server.


listip =
listport = 14900

Maximum number of players allowed on the server.

maxplayers = 128

Enables/disables staff only. If true, only accounts in the staff option are allowed on.

onlystaff = false

Set to true to disable the folder configuration.

nofoldersconfig = false

Determines whether or not to use the old “if (created)” style.

In the old style, “if (created)” is called for each player that enters the level for their first time.

oldcreated = true

Determines whether the server handles certain things like signs and links.

Don’t set to true.

serverside = false

If folders config is disabled, put additional search directories besides “world” here.

Comma delimited array.

sharefolder =

Enables triggeraction hacks.

triggerhack_weapons = false # gr.addweapon, gr.deleteweapon
triggerhack_guilds = false # gr.addguildmember, gr.removeguildmember, gr.removeguild, gr.setguild
triggerhack_groups = true # gr.setgroup, gr.setlevelgroup
triggerhack_files = false # gr.appendfile, gr.writefile
triggerhack_rc = false # gr.rcchat

Enables flag hacks.

flaghack_movement = true # -gr_movement weapon.
flaghack_ip = false # gr.ip

Sets the language. Currently not implemented.

language = English

Have you correctly forwarded your ports?

Response shall be, “What is a port?” /

Your never going to get help by anybody, Nobody cares about anybody here. Go away.


Many people have to setup a “Static-IP” as well.

You may be one of them.

To setup a Static-IP (If you need one)

Then after that, you have to set your ports if you have a firewall to allow access to certain ports.

After you set your firewall ports on your computer you have to set your
routers ports, if you have a router.

If you are directly connected to your Modem, or whatever you use, you may just need a Static-IP and ports for your firewall open. (Only Static-IP if you have a jumping IP usually, I use Cox and IP’s jump for me. xd )

Try and use the newest gserver, it has upnp and should solve this problem.

If you still can’t get it to work goto and he will host your server for you :slight_smile: