help please

i cant connect to graal. i use the graal222 and i log in with my forum name and pass i set and it sais account name or pass is invalid.

Did you read the yellow notice at the top of you screen?

[quote=At the top of every page]By default, your account for the serverlist is not created. In order to create your serverlist account, you must go into your UserCP and click Add/Change Password in the Manage Graal Account section of the Control Panel.

After you do that, your account on the serverlist will be created using the same login name you use for the forums:Sigil.[/quote]


i said “loggin in with the pass i set” so yes i did read the yellow message…

For gods sake Go Here:

The forum account is not your graal account. It has the same name though, but you need to create it by going to that link first.

ya… already did that a few times…[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]just set password to “a” (no quotes). try and log in… btw yes i used the link in the yello box at the top of the screen.

Are you trying to use your email as accountname? If you have done all these steps you should be able to login with accountname: sigil and password: a

If you still have any problems, I don’t really know what’s causing it.

ya man im logging in with username sigil and password a and it doesnt work. maybe i will make a new account on the forums and hope that would for some reason work :P[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]wtf. the new account i made works.