Help with Shuriken script?

its too easy to dodge with my sprinting system…
could someone gimme a quick tut on how to make it move faster?

this.steplen = 1.5;
Modify that to have it move faster, however be warned. This uses a crude system so you will actually “jump over” obstacles and not hit people in between positions if you move too fast.
Also I noticed you credited yourself on the NPC that you didn’t make. O_o lol

It auto adds it in NPCs. He should have removed it though.

yeah i removed that didnt even realize it was there. Lmfao

why isnt my triggeraction working?

Im trying to make my shurikens use a triggeraction to hurt an Npc

Heres My Npc

and my shurikens

any ideas here?

Two things to do before/in your posts

  1. format your code using the style button in the editor
  2. use the [code] tags for code
triggeraction [b]i[/b] this.flyx+0.5,this.flyy+0.5,shurikenhurt,;

Get rid of the i

Also, if there are no players in the room besides you, it won’t work because of where you nested it.

Move it up below:

this.flyx +=*this.steplen;
this.flyy +=*this.steplen;

thats didn’t work, it has a system that tells u where its supposed to hit the player…
hence the [CODE]this.testhurt = 1;
if (playerenters) {
hideimg 1;
this.step = 0;
timeout = 0;
if (this.testhurt == 1) {
for (i=0; i<compuscount; i++) {
if (abs(this.flyx-compus[i].x)<=1 &&
abs(this.flyy-(compus[i].y-0.5))<=1.5 &&
hitcompu i,2,this.flyx+0.5,this.flyy+0.5;

for (i=1; i<playerscount; i++) {
if (abs((this.flyx+0.7)-(players[i].x+1.5))<=1 &&
triggeraction i this.flyx+0.5,this.flyy+0.5,shurikenhurt,;
this.testhurt = 0;

Worked fine for me, so go learn how to follow directions, and how to script while you’re at it.


I lol’d.

Why did you make a new thread?

He’s obviously rather uneducated… Not his fault, though.

Heh, I suppose not.

i made a new thread cause this has nothing to do with how fast it flys…

Well here’s a rule of thumb for you:

Always go against your judgement.

How is it not related? They are the same scripts?

lol I love how we’re all such dickheads.

ive run into another slight problem with the npc
if i hit him and it should have killed him his hearts just display 0 and he still attacks and walks can anyone help me with that?

A part of problem solving is trying to find the issue yourself. Most stuff is actually readable as long you use the commands.rtf as a guide.

i only post stuff if 1. i have no idea what it is
2. ive already tried and just cant quite seem to figure it out.

The problem is that you don’t make the scripts from scratch. If you would’ve made every script yourself you would have an idea of what everything do.

I suggest you start from the beginning with simple stuff and learn a little at the time.