Okay, well I was walking around on Harmonia. Stefan summons me to help him with something, and now everytime I am on Harmonia, I get black tiles and all the other tiles scatter too. I went to see if another server had the same problem, and nope I see the levels fine.



On Harmonia, if you hang out long enough…the tiles should eventually download.
I had those issues for a while…but eventually the tiles downloaded and I am able to see em’.

No, it has had problems with images for awhile. When I go on Harmonia I see most images as black boxes or just colored static.

Actually, now that ya mention it …I do remember seeing the black boxes everywhere. I dont log into Harmonia often…so I guess I never gave em’ any thought. I stand corrected.

Those “black boxes” were corrupted graphics, I’ve fixed most of them. There’s one or two I’ve probably missed.

That was when I hosted it. Because the old RC fucked up PNG-files.

However, Lampshade got the latest backup of the levels and clean images so they should work.

I ran: Build 66

He’s running: v0.8.0

Clean your webgifs folder so it redownloads the files.

It’s fixed. Just needed to load up. Just took sometime. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet his connection isn’t the best, lol.

He should upload a pack of the images somewhere and put a link to it in the server-message.