Here you go!


(appeared as “people you may know”, lol)


“Likes Graal Classic iPhone”
Graal Classic iPhone: Two new hats have been added to the world of mirth shop. Both are 4500 gralats.

…Why does my mind see that as dollars/euros and not gralat?

Because you have the eye of truth.

Oh right, I forget about that sometimes.

They are apparently making a facebook application of graal.

Finally, something worse than farmville!

Still going to play it… Sike

LOL, good luck with that go

Who wants to bet he will delete all that and try to hide the evidence when called out on his cocaine addiction? Just like he did with his myspace page and cocaine anonymous… I’m sending him a bag of flour for his next birthday :wink:

When he finds out it’s flour and gets over his nose-bleed, he can bake his bread instead of buying it.

just send him baking soda, would hurt more.

Just grind up a ton of and send him a bottle of champagne slam full of PCP and a roofie.

Make sure it’s fine aged wine so he drinks it.

And Hookers to convince.

Make sure it’s a fine aged hooker so he drinks it.
And wine to convince.

And then next thing you know…

little kids like to be scammed by graal what can i say :blush:

Atleast when I was younger, Graal was free. All it scammed from me was time I’ll never get back. lol

Now today, Graal is costing the kids’ parents, what is it now? $40 for a year of classic or something?

Regardless, its retarded.