here's what i been working on for my future server aria

i havent been real motivated

oh damn fishing hut is far from done haha

Post screenshots, don’t want to download stuff

And use ctrl prt scrn, dont take a picture of your screen with a camera like last time

thanks for the tips but im to lazy

If you’re lazy you’ll go nowhere. Dumbass.

Yeah. It’s this attitude I am seeing right here Bayne, that is getting you this hate…

Well, allow me the pleasure.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]2778[/ATTACH] - Bayne Treehouse
[ATTACH=CONFIG]2779[/ATTACH] - Bayne Ninja Fortress
[ATTACH=CONFIG]2780[/ATTACH] - Bayne Hideout
[ATTACH=CONFIG]2781[/ATTACH] - Bayne Fishing Hut
[ATTACH=CONFIG]2782[/ATTACH]- Aria-Quest3

I was curious and decided to look at these levels and I wish I hadn’t. I understand why you didn’t take screen-shots; it would have taken you longer to take screen-shots then it did to make these levels.

I don’t know what to say. You need to spend more time on these and develop attention to detail.

I hate when LATs do that.
It’s the biggest tile error ever, as it is just an error of creativity.
A clean level never has anything “hanging” off, or out of place. The only things I don’t care about alignment are (trees, kinda), bushes, kubolsprouts etc, mushrooms, pretty much anything alive, or appears in nature.

Bayne shore worked hard on this.

I don’t see why you can’t just make a plain ol’ inside level… using house inside tiles instead of all of that shit. UN-style can suck my balls.

they all look complete to me

are they really that bad

Nothing you can’t fix with some experience.

thanks guys so im geting beter

I’ll be quick to admit my overall expertise in Graal is somewhat limited. However, I like to build levels and have built a lot of them.
I’m still improving too and it’s what I focus most of my efforts on when I work on my own project.
If I’m not too bold I can give you a few pointers on how I think you can make a level more interesting. This is by no means a comprehensive
guide, but a few simple tips that can help you improve.

1.) Center your level - For the sake of screen-shots, cleanliness and consistency.
It just feels nicer in my opinion.
2.) Less is more: Keep it small. If you only have a room with two tables in it then you don’t need a big room.
In fact, you probably don’t need two tables. Additionally, smaller rooms are easier and quicker to build.
3.) Take your time. Building a player-world is a HUGE project, but haste makes waste. Take your time and
try and avoid tile errors, keep things balanced and approach a level like a painting or drawling. Try adding windows,
subtle lights, small plants or objects, or simple (but unique) floor patterns. Just don’t be lazy!

Interior example:


1.) Change up the terrain. Use trees, bushes, mountains, ponds and rivers to make your levels feel more
2.) Balance, Balance, Balance: Use above mentioned things with balance. Too many of these things make the level look like an eye-sore.
3.) Detail, but don’t over (or under) detail: Use grass, flowers, fences when it makes sense to use them. God help you if you
ever use lava tiles (although, I’ve seen it done well). Don’t just scatter flowers and grass around. Think about it. Remote areas
have more grass, more traversed areas have less grass. Try not to make it look contrived; less-artificial feeling.
4.) Use paths, but don’t be sloppy about it.

Exterior example:

I hope that helps. Like I said, not totally comprehensive and certainly debatable depending on your “style,” but overall I think these tips might be helpful.

stay away from mushrooms. they just mess everything up

yeah, and those stupid stones that are 1x1 (16px,16px). The ones that are white-ish teal in color. Those fuckers block too.