Hey guess what!

I’m a prick and so are you guys ;D
Still setting up shop, sort o’ speak;

Insert questions, comments, complaints etc here, as I’m just going to mark all of the posts as read.

Where have you been? What shop?

I’ve been offline. Working Casual at a Library.
Doing house repairs, waiting days at a time for hardware to come in the mail, just got the wireless adapter yesterday. I had to beat the shit out of my router in order to get the wireless connection “useable”.

Cool Cool. What kind of shop though?

It’s a turn of phrase O_o Ergo the “sort of speak”

Ah ok.

Yo, B. What’s the body that goes with the commie heads?

You couldn’t deal with your co-workers at where you worked before? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, shit, hi, Behol-dawg, I missed you.

Hell if I know right now, I reformatted.

As for quitting my previous job, I did that like 5 months ago, felt good :smiley: