Hey guys what did I miss?


New comp, never installed GR client. How u doin? ;D

We are number 1!

gr minigame comp!

Everyone became retarded until Yenairo came back to yell at them. Shit was weird.


If u made mini game then u lose bcause its event comp not mini game comp.


Oh snap. Im a fool!

Who won the minigame comp?
Phoenix looks kinda cool but w/e yknow.
Yeneiro is like w/e.
We know that already hosler

Should’ve said the start. It’s still going. Don’t worry dude, still time to catch up! :smugbert:

Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to vote for everyone except Tricxta.

Ima vote for myself even though i won’t submit anything

Can i do that??

I’d vote for you.