Hey Guys...

Hey, whats up. What have yall been up to. Anything new? Fun?

Yes, we learned how to do Forum Smex. Join me Joey . . 0.0

Actually, nothing has changed hah. Enjoy ~ :smiley:

I like Google Chrome

lol same… using it to post this ;D

Yeah, one of the better browsers. :smiley:

me too

Rarrr! This convo is now about google chrome!

wtf is google chrome? Bling for the geeks?

Google Chrome

It’s a fast basic web browser.
Though it’s only in Beta right now, it’s still good.

Prepare for the Chrome

Nope, that’s my pimped out Segway.
My “3.14” Gold chain.
My styling diamond encrusted Box Glasses.
My diamond Braces. :smiley:


XD Nice one, dunno why i havnt thought of that.

except theres one problem…

Google Chrome is made (like most of the other ‘applications’ google creates) in a simple way so that retards can use it… which means its quite the opposite… (aka not bling for the ‘geeks’…)

He didnt put it in terms of the browser, he put it in terms of bling (necklace,rings etc) for geeks.

Anything google makes CAN’T be bling because within 3-6 months… everyone will be using it which makes it standard.

Which sounds like to me, brings it to 4chan. coughs