Hey i need help

I need the following
Radio code script please so i can add it to a txt file and
it will be for a restruant
and i need food npcs etc that once fired it places infront of the player like if fired it will put it where you want it and i need a menu script were i can place it too and put all the scripts in code please i want it so if someone ever needs them too they will have what they need

Re: Hey i need help

if (playerchats) setstring server.radio,#c;

if(playerenters || timeout) {
message #s(server.radio);
timeout = 1;

Re: Hey i need help

okay what about the others i need

how do u add music and stuff to it?

“Thanks, Beholder!”

And Glyde, it’s a radio that contacts a radio in another building, unless I’m mistaken; not a music radio.

to add music all you need to do is

play music.midi;
or play song.mp3;

something like that.


You can also use a streaming URL.

play URL; ;]

how do i do the url and do i just pop this into an npc and it works?

does server.rarrar = 666; actually work? so everyone will view the same value?

Server strings, are a gift from God… or aparently the devil

Same damn dif.

Excellent. Thanks for that handy dandy information :smiley: