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See all those fucking names? Not one of you has posted today.

i had lots of homework

I just ran home to shotgun a beer, smoke a bowl, and eat a sandwich because thats what i do in the middle of these 7 hour labs. why would reading a tachometer from a fan correctly be so damn complicated?

because you only smoked one bowl, always smoke at least three

well i ripped a bat then i loaded a small one in a spoon

I was busy doin… others things >_>

I rarely post.
Less than 2 weeks left.

39ster did post–don’t make me add you to my list of people not reading new posts.

Because I haven’t gotten internet installed in my appartment yet, and I have to work at work-time! lol

i’m really sick today

I don’t have any friends…

‘checks list’

‘sees [i]Dangerless*[/i]’

Glad I didn’t make that list!


I forgot to remove him.

Same here.

I was playing the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection that released today. D:


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[/COLOR]ps I’ve been playing mother 3 in my spare time…

I was too busy doing nothing

balls in ur mouf

Oh crap, i haven’t posted today either!

k :smiley: