Hi. Is Graal dead yet?

This forum is really confusingly laid out so I don’t know how active it is.

Anyway I read some of Viper’s threads here and it looks like Graal is dying. Stefan is out of the picture now? Really? I wonder just how the hell that went down and why he managed to stick with it for fifteen years.
Was he ever as skeevy as Unixmad, or did he seriously have no idea how toxic that guy is?

What’s left of the PC Graal community is a sad, pale shadow of what it was in 2000 and seems to have no lasting cultural memory one way or another. New blood cycles in all the time, but in diminishing numbers. And they’re always kids like we were when we started this game. Graal looks doomed to repeat itself over and over until it fades away.

And how’s Reborn doing? Does anyone like, CARE anymore? I haven’t seen any new developments for a couple years now. Does Unixmad still even harass/threaten/stage attacks against you guys?

Simple answer: it doesn’t matter.

Yes unixmad still harasses any threat he sees.

Stefan now runs a mobile graal like game called “Avalonia”, calls his company “iAppBeats” and now calls himself “Daddy” uh, a little creepy but w/e… http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=257917 in my experience Stefan was almost human and not nearly as toxic as Stephane, but still a little weird and was willing to do unethical things for a buck albeit maybe under coercion from Stephane/unixmad. Stefan may in fact still be working with Stephane but in a covert/secret way, but from the bits and pieces I heard it seems Stefan and some other former graal people had a big final falling at with Stephane that facilitated the separation.

As for “official graalonline” it will always remain a propped up corpse on facebook and iphone, it basically takes nothing to leave up there and generate monies for unixmad/stephane. just don’t expect any major changes or updates to client or server code, especially on the pc client side.

This place OpenGraal/GraalReborn/Graal.in will probably be around forever to with anywhere from 0 to the random dozen players on at once with a few good listed servers.

The threats and attacks have really simmered down or are not noticed for the last few years. This is probably due to Stephane’s realization that there is nothing he can legally do, his illegal attacks are ineffective and his email threats are ignored, laughed at and posted online for others to laugh at and just make him look bad and others dislike him too…

in a nutshell graal and everything/everyone related to it is a zombie or a vampire or something, either of the variety that sucks blood or the modern vampire variety that sucks something else…

His threats haven’t simmered down at all, he’s just been coming after members of the community privately and harassing them. He constantly harassed myself while I was hosting GR and I know he also harassed Cadavre pretty extensively in his time as host.

Damn I feel left out, I made videos of you and everything and you never harassed me Stephane

I got a lengthy French e-mail once. I don’t know French so I deleted it.

That’s pretty wild.

Is there an IRC channel for this place? Is it used much?

Also, geez dudes you’ve got like three servers anymore and they’re all deserted.

Not quite, people do play them sometimes!

So play them. Maybe people will join you.

FROM Rob on G.O.'s Forum http://forums.graalonline.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1737189#post1737189
probably the closest thing anyone will ever get to an “official statement” pretty much confirms everything I’ve heard and my speculation for the past year.

[quote]I can understand the frustration of being left in the dark when being part of such a small and loyal community. I’ll try to share what I believe I can.

@Stefan: Stefan had his ups and downs. In terms of activity, he has no doubt felt publicly “better” among those who have helped to design Graal. On the other hand, if you were a coder, dealing with Stefan was like trying to break down a wall with your face.

Often, you’d report an issue (“Timevar does not update exactly every 5 seconds,” “timevar2 is off by a random offset per server,” “I can steal Graal passwords do you want me to tell you how?”), and his response would often be in the form of “No it’s working correctly.”

Perhaps Stefan no longer cared about Graal. Or it’s possible that Stefan never cared about Graal per se, so much as he cared about just coding things for the fun of it. That would explain why, as many people in this thread have noted, he would change his mind about content creation on a yearly basis.

We’ve seen this a lot within the game as well, right? Scripters who would begin a new project and work HARD for the first few days. They’d do all the “fun” (interesting / challenging / learning) portions of a system. Then it came time to do the basic/boring stuff (make some long switch/case in an onActionServerside, create the GUI, balance the prices of the fish, or just document/release the project). All of a sudden, the project is dropped because something else is more interesting.

For why he’s ACTUALLY gone, I don’t know any of the specifics (and even if I did I’d likely be unable to speak about them), but what I can say is that it appeared to be legal in nature. I don’t know what exactly happened, but I don’t personally expect the return of “Uncle Stefan” any time soon.

@Stefan Replacements: It wouldn’t be my place to reveal any details or be making any official announcements about this sort of topic. All I can really say is that Unixmad is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it.

@Who is Xor?: Xor is the Manager of iClassic and part of the global administration. Carlito is my boss. Xor is Carlito’s boss.[/quote]

Apparently when P2P was finally removed from PC Graal in winter 2013 for “the holidays” and then mysteriously never added back without explanation, Stefan was actually about to add it back only for Stephane to say “What’s the point?”.

As I’ve stated before this could well be another example of history being re-written, but it certainly fits with a lot of my own suspicions over the years.

Where can I see these e-mails, I want to laugh too.

Link in his signature.

edit- uh maybe not in that link. I don’t know where GOATSE has his anti-Unixmad stuff.

I’ll upload it all somewhere eventually, I have tons of that crap, it’s just all horribly organized.
until then here’s some classics to keep you amused

Unixmad sending death threats to kids and making up fantasies about kids dicks over ICQ…

Unixmad and Stefan rip off abuse from Dave Taylor and try selling it as their own products that they made without giving credit or asking, completely acting illegally and in bad faith - http://indiegameproducer.blogspot.com/2009/08/abuse-abuse.html

[quote]However, in the meantime, someone fun came along and decided that Abuse was now fully public domain, including the trademark, sound effects, and registered levels that we exempted from the public domain submission. I guess he figured that proximity to public domain seeps into other things, or that time somehow erases ownership, or that licenses to some people to distribute it for free means anyone gets a license to distribute it for profit, or that seeing the exempted assets in the original tarball meant that like piracy, because you have a copy, it’s free… or something. Not sure of his reasoning.

Unfortunately, there are pricks in this world. This fun fellow is named Stephane Portha, and he appears to be one of them.[/quote]

GraalOnline Wikipedia deleted due to extensive abuse, censorship and use for advertisement/lies by Unixmad and GraalOnline staff - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graalonline - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/GraalOnline


There’s much much more, maybe I’ll just stuff it all into a zip file and let others sort through it later.

ooo silverbolt hello hello

What’d his deleted message say!?

Called Unixmad a cartoon villain.

'Tis apt