is this place still alive, seems like theres not much activity, avengis here by the way, long time PC player, dabbled in reborn from time to time, but this is my first post away from Graal PC. would be interested to see if anyone has rebirthed any Doomsday server levels up here, any familiar faces still about? nice to see this anti unixmad fallacy play out so nicely :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Graal Reborn forums!

Yes, it’s very much alive. Check the “What’s new” section of the forums: http://forums.graal.in/forums/search.php?do=getdaily&contenttype=vBForum_Post

There should be some backup of the doomsday files somewhere if you want to do anything with it yourself.




hey :slight_smile: and yes sounds like a good proposal, i remember talking to Hiro on recovering some older DD map packs but to no avail with a cut of complete contact :(, believe it or not whats brought me back here is reading up on all of stephane, stefan, mark karpeles ect and the years of alledged criminal activity they have all undergone, guys its good to see some people separated from that project, i just hope the direction is in no way parralel to that of your birthplace counterpart :wink:

p.s and apologies on posting completely ignorantly in the wrong thread, i guess all this news recently about Google-cide has corrupted my mind with the “fuck you rules” attitude :wink:

run away.


Hello,and welcome on reborn.

Hello new friend. This is the newest version of Doomsday I know of http://nekoroy.com/graal/downloads/levels/Doomsday%20%5B2003%5D.7z if for some reason the link doesn’t work let me know.