Hide names & Mouseover player to show name?

Hey, i was just woundering, is it possible to Hide peoples nicknames in GS1, also, ive seen this thing on a few servers where if you mouseover someone, it shows their name. has anyone got either of these scripts or knows howto do it?

for( ) { }
showtext index,x,y,font,bicus,string;
variable in |min,max|
playerenters || timeout
timeout = 0.05;
enablefeatures flags; //<- Refer to newfeatures2002.txt, kthx.

Should be all the pieces you need, now fit 'em together ;D

Thanks again beholder xD

Jatz care to share this script with me? xD

It’s easy to fit together xD!

haha sure stowen, it wasnt mine in the first place.

Seems interesting!! I should try to use it.

Beholder forgot players[i].x and players[i].y

hmm seeing as im not a great scripter q:

this is what i got aha

didnt expect it to work,
anyone wanna give me some pointers

You need to loop through all the players in the level.

for (i = 0; i < playerscount; i++) {

Also, you are using “in” incorrectly. You use it for range checking.

for (i = 0; i < playerscount; i++) {
  if ((mousex in |players[i].x + 0.5, players[i].x + 2.5|) &&
      (mousey in |players[i].y + 1, players[i].y + 3|)) {

so then all i have to do is edit that part?


#n gets the nickname of the player whose index matches the first parameter.

also use a showimg index above 300, not 200, because then it will show for all players in the level.

I think i might have gotten it.

if (playerenters || timeout) {
  enablefeatures 0x200;
  for (i = 0; i < playerscount; i++) {
    if ((mousex in |players[i].x + 0.5, players[i].x + 2.5|) &&
      (mousey in |players[i].y + 1, players[i].y + 3|)) {
      showtext 300,mousex,mousey+1,arial,i,#n(i);
      changeimgzoom 300,.7;
    }else hideimg 300;
  timeout = 0.05;}

Should work, but your formatting sucks and you’ll probably want to center the text.

Thanks haha
Now will this only work on the level that the npc is on, or could it be converted to a weapon.

It can be a weapon.

Congrats to mike232 for doing some scripting rather than being spoon-fed :slight_smile: