Hikeido, is back... Once again(GiaFea)

Hey everyone,
Some of you may remember me and my server GiaFea on here.
You may also know that I unexpectedly had to quit due to some personal issues and I have been moving from place to place since 2009.
To cut to the chase, I am trying to revive that which had alot of potential to be… AWESOME.
GiaFea was (compared to Fable gameplay and questing-wise) a server that was starting to become quite popular on Graal Reborn. I had alot of help and a very, unique staff team. I’ve come back to say that GiaFea WILL in fact be coming back, although sadly, everything will have to be redone from scratch.(Unless there is ANYONE out there that happens to have any backups of GiaFea)
I’ve come back to ask if there is anyone that is willing to help me revive GiaFea, I mean it would go great since this is Graal Reborn, I simply want to know if anyone wants to help with the rebirth of this server.
If you’re interested simply post on this thread, email me at: [email protected], or send me a private message.

Other than that, this is my return post, so how is everyone in the GR community?
(Note: GiaFea and Eternal Cloud Online are the same project/server the name was switched to GiaFea after some staff members brought up some topics one night)

Hi welcome back

welcome back, im pretty excited that another person with experience has come back to reborn :slight_smile: Im busy with some projects of mine but I can try help you with some scripts if all else fails

I didn’t even know you were a real person for a long time. Thought you were a bot.

Welcome ;D

Still pretty confident it’s a bot.

Sure. If you ignore all the comma splices.

Sorry hikeido, but I don’t remember you.

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I used to, and likely still am the king of misusing commas and periods.
Although I rarely misspell or misuse words the positioning of my periods and commas, fragmentation and splicing has often been strange and confusing. As long as people don’t replace the words you and are with “U and R” I don’t really care. Nobody cares or knows about proper grammar, language, history, or English at all anymore. If Owl Shimy, PACHUKA or Spider saw any of the face book, twitter, or youtube idiots floating around these days they’d have a heart attack. By comparison, the AOL users of 1999 are freaking geniuses and that makes me sad :frowning:

Back on topic, welcome back and I hope your server turns out well. My project has been delayed due to my own laziness, but I will have pointless and insane servers up soon too. Your project is probably nice seeing as how it’s based off a real game such as Fable.

Sir, I have come to believe that GiaFea is the name of a guinea pig… take that.