holy crap

i google searched “graal.” then i google search “graal hosler” and this came up: http://www.graal.net/index.php/User:Hosler

lol wtf. how fucking long has that been there?

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its just weird. apparently i knew about it back in 2005.

Youre famous.

im not on that site…I google my name, and first result is domain info on www.dontar.com

If you knew even half of what Google indexes of people and their personal information it would probably make you a lot more…angry?

You tried to claim you made trainers, but you didn’t!?

You sir are a disgrace!

From what I’ve been hearing, he’s become the active reason Kandora went offline.

i didnt do diddly squat to kandora. saputo wanted me to manage it, but then it just shutdown. dont know what happened. im not evil.

Said you were trying to sell the server to some guy for $100, and then later removed his RC rights to it. Whole thing is absurd either way.

no one can steal control of my server, since its hosted locally :slight_smile:

i would never hurt kandora. it was my favorite server. whoever hosted the server should check logs and clear my name. all i did was idle on rc for like 3 days.

i lol’d. just admit you did it, hosler, people may respect you a bit more, actually.

im not here for respect. im here for graal!

just like men love their wives. Some abuse them.

but no one has ever abused me??

Some men love abuse; Others pay for it.

Others? Usually the people who love it pay for it.