holy fuck

Wow… pretty good…


I think it’s annoying.

spoon, you just pulled that out of your ass. that was impressive. she was like 12.

12 year olds are pretty annoying

12 year olds who sit in a corner and play awesome shit on an organ are not annoying. now im gonna stop talking about 12 year old kids.

yes the more you talk about jailbait on public forums the more the gummint will be lookin for you

anyhow yes she has talent but not everyone likes that song yeah

also organs urgh i prefer string instruments

She was nine.

If she was a Spanish American, I’d be impressed. The fact that his is Asian and overdressed makes it annoying and remarkably common place.


i want to live in a place where being talented is common


i wish

and spoon, given that this is the internet, the fact that you’re being a dick-head is also fairly common-place. But that doesn’t mean that I still don’t want to take special care to point it out.

The kid is clearly talented. Why do you have to shit all over the parade? Also, what difference does it make that she’s asian? That’s like saying “meh, sure Michael Jordan was pretty good at basketball but… well… oh come on, he’s black. Not interesting. Too common place”.

this is the internet sir and everyone is welcome to an opinion except you

get out

but in all seriousness though

get out

awww, really? damn, I thought I was being clever. Ok. I’ll go.

pity card played well sir, VERY WELL

wasn’t goin’ for the pity card. was going for the “well great, now I feel like a dick” card.

It just pisses me off when I hear people using racial stereotypes to disqualify hard work. I’ve known plenty of asians that sucked at math. But the one guy at work who’s asian AND good at math and everybody says “well yeah, of course”. NO, not of course! Maybe he worked really hard to get that good at math.

But, I shouldn’t be so opinionated. Especially given that I’m a young white male middle-class suburbanite.


Look I get where you’re coming from, just don’t take Spooon so seriously because his opinion is as valid as what you’re saying now because it’s his right to. That’s all.


Oh and I’m white myself but I’m partially Cherokee and the native american’s are a quite abused minority themselves by all accounts, so oppression is in my family history 'n all.

haha. The interwebs is serious business.