yer no shit… I didnt know I had eyes till just then -_-

Does everyone still have warpto?

they were still making waffles when i played in 08

I can’t get on waffles. It won’t load up my account.

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Nalin, did you keep the old account files?

u borked my server spooooonon!

I fixed the crash. Anyway, I just threw it up because Kondie wanted to see it. All of the old files are still on my Linux computer. One of these days I will actually take the time to get it working again. But, for now, everybody has to start over. And some things don’t quite work like they used to. o_O

i like it

where do i get a flute?

Its a nice server. I love the weapon ganis for purchasing items and such. They add a nice simple touch to the server but its so effective. The window lights are also a neat idea as well. You should fix the server up to its proper state nalin :stuck_out_tongue: its good

Aren’t the window lights from Sentinel?

waffles is one of my favorite servers

waffles with a pile of sugar is one of my favorite treats haha

Maybe. I probably copied the idea from Beholder. A lot of Waffles was inspired by Sentinel. When my friends and I were working on it, I kept going, “Ooh! That is a neat idea! I want that too!” So, I would script my own version. All the images and scripts are custom made (except Shiny’s hammer and boomerang. I threw those on there because lol.)

Also, in pure Waffles tradition, I used it as a guinea pig to create workarounds for client bugs involving baddies. In the latest SVN, non-level-leaders can now properly kill swamp arrow baddies, and they can properly run “if (compusdied)” scripts. Yay!

I wanna see Sentinel now. :frowning:

It is a lot more prettier and polished than Waffles. It just doesn’t have any content. XD

Most of the stuff on Waffles is from Bravo.

Actually, no. The only things I stole from Bravo are some of the location names and the general storyline. And the gravity script. I originally wrote that for Bravo; however, I basically re-wrote the script for Waffles. But I used the same ganis as I used on Bravo as sort of an homage.

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Oh! And the bug net! But that was never fully added to Bravo, so :shrug:

Snake game?

Oh yeah. MD added that. Forgot all about it.

Also, on another note, I should point out that, in continued defiance of an npc-server, I’ve hacked in serverside move support via triggeraction hacks, so now my custom ghost baddies are super awesome and work amazing for each person in the level.