hotel entry

What can i do to make this better looking. It’s a small hotel’s entry room like with a check in desk and stuff. i just feel like theres too much space in the right side of the room but i dont know what i would put there.

a mat or path thing. Smack some lamps in perhaps or random indoor bushes. A giant statue of a naked man with a leaf over his groin.

Someone needs to turn off the A/C

i think the perspective on the bottom couch is weird, suggestions on how to fix that would be appreciated.
also is there a simple way to make the person sit only on the sittable parts besides the underlying tiles? maybe one npc with the shell and the other with the inside, but what would the code be?

also i dont know what to put on the table, does anyone have a good flower vase image or something? i dont want to use the plant thing, i have that in a different room (see attachment)

its located in a snowy place, so it makes sense lol

But interiors are supposed to protect you from the weather outside. Having it icy inside renders the building completely useless.

its not icy. thats just the marble-like tiles its a normal floor it just gives the feeling of cold because it is a remote place where you wake up with memory loss problems and begin your quest…

I hated those couches so I made my own. I suggest you try it too. Look at the attachment for an idea I guess.

Q: What can make this level better?
A: Nothing. it’s amazing.

shoud have made a bit more cozy lol
Just because its a hotel doesnt mean the lobby has to be massive.
I would have furnished this level more but yer I had to go somewhere

I don’t think Beholder was talking about the floor :stuck_out_tongue:

Stop making giant inside levels, iNoobs. Make the levels large enough to just fit in the content.

beastk is an iNoob?

You all do the same shit.

you always say the same shit, even when its not true. So lets make a deal… i’ll stop if you do

You’re all the same.


I would build the level differently. I would start by never using any of those tiles and then never plan on using them ever. In my opinion, besides the lava tiles, those are the ugliest tiles and you used all of them in one level.


I don’t hate your level. It would be fine if you used more ascetically pleasing tiles.

On a totally unrelated note - the most comfy I’ve ever felt in a video game hotel lobby is in the game Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. The hotel in Fireburg is a classy joint. If you’ve not stayed you should book a reservation.

I like the hotels I imagine when I read books that talk about hotel lobbies. :open_mouth:

haha, you would be the only one who would want to talk about hotel lobbies in a book :stuck_out_tongue: